Lamb ★★★★

I'm so used to nordcore with the supposed "oddball" cinema coming from largely Sweden and Denmark and a bit from Norway and Finland as well that whenever people talk about films from these countries with the attitude of "they're WEIRD" I'm like, confused? They are not that weird!

Well Iceland is fucking weird and I love it. Finally a film from the far side of our shared territory which is keeping our reputation up that I can actually be proud of. This little drama fantasy horror about a baby lamb and her adoptive parents strolls by at the languid pace of a salamander and I for one grew increasingly anticipating of where the hell the movie was going to go.

Like I love me some vibes, so I don't exactly need a movie to be the most eventful thing in existence. You can really just chill and stay at moments for extensive periods, but I do want it to eventually lead to something and as much I squealed and laughed when the eventual absurdity does happen, I can't pretend that it was a little underwhelming. Like it's a perfectly fine conclusion to end the movie on, but I guess I just wanted more foreshadowing and a better build up to make it more satisfying?

Also. Pétur? More like Péturd.

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