Parasite ★★★★★

Parasite once again showcases Bong Joon-ho's ability to balance tone and his life goal of aiming to overwhelm. The movie starts off like a two dimensional class struggle narrative, which is supremely enjoyable as it is because of Joon-ho's quirky sense of humor and his deliciously enjoyable directing, but the movie kicks into full gear when a third layer is introduced to the narrative and oh how amazing things get.

The sudden turn from two dimensional to three dimensional was quite spectacular, cause you don't all too often watch a movie thinking it's great and then see it improve to a level of quality you didn't think even existed. Joon-ho doesn't hit new heights when it comes to his craft as a director, instead he takes all of his tools and everything he's learned and delivers about as a perfect of a take on the story as anyone can. The take is so nuanced, that it's hard to find easy answers, which I suppose is the point.

You don't come away thinking "rich people bad", because the narrative paints such a full picture of the system, that you realize, that even if you replace individuals, the system creates new ones. Every billionaire in the world could give all of their money away and even though it would be great in the moment, the system is the one that enables each and every one of them to gain what they gave away back and we'd eventually just end up where we started.

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