Satantango ★★★½

I split Satantango into three parts and it seemingly worked in its favor, probably would have been a more challenging viewing if I had attempted to watch the movie in one go. I love the style of craft in here. Letting things play out and linger. This played a large part in how the movie wasn't nearly as tiresome as I expected it to be.

Really the only part where I was annoyed was when the folk song and dance was played to its full length. The song was so repetitive, that a full ten minute performance became irritating after five minutes and I skipped forwards until it was done. I don't think the part is bad by itself, it is essential in showcasing the culture and painting a picture of a country, which is where Satantango shines the best. I've only been in Hungary once, but the movie felt like an incredibly authentic depiction of the more desolate side of the country.

The massive length of seven hours surely adds to the effect and makes Satantango more a document of a time and place rather than an exciting film. I was never bored, but I must admit that the story isn't exactly high on drive nor emotion, which in a way is appropriate considering the fatalistic mood of the setting.

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