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  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

    Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw


    Scavenger Hunt #53, Task #11: Watch a movie about brothers.

    Quite possibly my most anticipated movie of the summer, “Hobbs and Shaw” never quite reaches the exhilarating heights of the vault chase in “Fast Five” (still the indisputable peak of the franchise), but it is nonetheless an impressively stupid adrenaline rush. The plot doesn’t even pretend to make sense and the deus ex Samoa at the end is a bit much, but this is easily balanced out by the fact…

  • Texas Rangers

    Texas Rangers


    Scavenger Hunt #53, Task #18: Watch a movie with the name of a state in the title.

    With a leading cast of Dawson, Kelso, Usher, Patrick Dempsey, and Laney Boggs, you could have made a certain type of Western that was objectively bad, but nonetheless entertaining. (Rather than a spaghetti western, think a bubblegum western in the vein of "Young Guns.") Instead, "Texas Rangers" takes itself puzzlingly seriously, and the result is so, fucking, boooooooooring. Luckily, the movie is only 90 minutes long, and although no character is shaded with more than a single dimension as a consequence, at least this crapfest ends quickly.

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  • Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit


    Scavenger Hunt #53, Task #1: Watch a movie about exploring.

    If a movie was ever focus-tested to appeal to me specifically, the resulting product would look a lot like "Teen Spirit," which A) centers on a televised singing competition, B) features a subplot involving a replacement father figure who's just trying to do his best, and C) stars Elle Fanning. I'm shocked that I didn't give the movie 100 stars, to be honest.

    I thought it was scientific consensus that…

  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    Scavenger Hunt #53, Task #20: Watch a movie in which some weird shit happens.

    Say what you will about Tarantino, but Kurt Russell shrieking for mercy at the first sign of adversity is a fucking dead-on (and hilarious) encapsulation of male fragility.