Tenet ★★

It genuinely shocks me that a filmmaker so talented could toss up such a poorly paced, incoherent mess. 

I saw this film with 2 other cinephiles, going in ready to love it... we came out not only scratching our heads - but gawking in horror. What Nolan has dished out quite literally highlights everything he does poorly as a filmmaker. This isn’t filmmaking - this is one big “what if” thrown into a $300million blender. Film isn’t sitting upright with a notepad drawing conclusions to every convoluted rabbit whole the storyteller can take you down...

I can’t believe how much I disliked this movie. I’d love to hear a case about this movie being ‘great’ beyond those wonderfully shot action sequences. There is nothing there. Just because a film thinks it’s smarter than you doesn’t mean it’s good.

For the last 30 minutes of the movie I sat there wishing I was watching ‘Dunkirk’... I thought, “hey, how good was Dunkirk!?”. At least I felt something in that movie.

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