F9 ★★★★½

Aw yeah baby this is what going to the movies is all about!!! First time back in person at a mainstream theater, and it was rad city.

Let's see. At movie number 9, the Friday the 13th series shat out Jason Goes to Hell, so the fact that this movie is so dang good at this late stage in the franchise is pretty damn impressive.

I appreciate that the movie knows the right time to wink at the audience, and the right time to be sincere.

A great cast (I was especially happy to see Michael Rooker) and some pretty incredible set pieces is what makes this so good. I cant' remember the last time I saw something in a movie and didn't know how they pulled it off (spoiler alert...it has to do with magnets).

Also, I give this movie props that it kept the plotting to a bare minimum. It was also parody level how fast they get through the exposition, and guess what?!? I love it! People don't come to see these movies for elaborate plotting. Just focus on characters and set pieces. I wish the people behind King Kong vs. Godzilla understood this!!!

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