Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

online - second viewing

fun to watch. love benedict cumberbatch. first saw this movie in theaters back when it came out. still great, the plot is very entertaining and the film has many moments filled with breathtaking visuals. also really cool to hear that some of the crazy concepts during the dimension segments were directly inspired from M.C. Escher's art.

the movie looks gorgeous with the VFX special effects that are for a lack of better words, amazingly trippy. also an all around awesome action movie, with some matrix esque scenes. still hard to believe its the same director who did Sinister.. it’s also crazy how consistent marvel has been with the quality of their films. to this day, they still have an impeccable track record so it comes to no surprise this is another brilliant gem. 

after doing some research on easter eggs and references I simply love and can’t help but admire the mere dedication and passion the crew put into the movie in order to stay as authentic and true as possible to the original strange comics. and of course with the intricately connected mc universe they’ve built, the after credit scene of this movie leads perfectly into Ragnarok, one of the only marvels I’ve missed so... definitely looking forward to seeing that

for Mads, I have two words... 

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