Midsommar ★★★★★

theater - second viewing

(Directors Cut)

Aster is a legend. Haunting, transformational, but beautiful all at the same time. My god the catharsis practically radiates off the screen... just the surface themes of stricken grief displayed are incredibly sharp to elicit a unique daunting feel, most prominently used in creating a powerful peak of empathy between us and the world on screen which our character Dani is elusively discovering and navigating along her journey as we can't help but feel for her even all the way through to reaching her sealed fate. Last 20 minutes have to be one of the most shakingly enamoring scenes I’ve ever seen.

On a different level of scope. Was able to make even more sense of it all, previously already knowing all the pieces of the puzzle were already there thanks to the fantastic attention to crazy detail from everything to the runes, art, symbolism, and many references. All I had to do was see it again to be reminded of the pure genius direction laid out here and satisfyingly fit them all again perfectly to enjoy it once again just like I was seeing it for the first time.

Powerful replay value here. The world crafted by Aster to anyone paying attention is packed with an immense and bewildering amount of detail and precision to literally everything.

The film manages to reveal the toughest and traumatizing parts of human existence all through the genius veil and use of horror as we see the disturbing festival practices of midsommar. I honestly don't know any better way to just sit back and enjoy devolving INTO madness than these 3 hours. 

Disturbing in a geniusly rewarding way. It rawly commentates in a very scaring powerful way on potentially the biggest, deepest moving factor of our lives that for as big as a part of our life it plays, rarely gets fully talked upon or focused on— which is how we as humans in general deal with the concept of death and deep rooted trauma, all while engulfing you into a life breathing, dreamy visceral, absolute ensemble piece of a movie experience.

The abysmal melancholy and sad depth of the story that it first lays out in the beginning cuts deep for the entire films runtime because I believe the true horror of the movie apart from the gore and the rest that sets it apart is the deep down core emotions displayed in one of the most catastrophic yet transformationally cathartic events for Dani showing everything from the peaks one can feel in life from happiness, chaos, sadness, guilt, and most importantly ALL the brilliant catharsis, all those feelings are as real as they come in regards to the human condition, to which almost anyone can relate to and apply their own life to, but of course almost horrifically real in how the emotions are displayed and through the raw portrayal of them in the movie.. it truly has that special element to it. 

The incredibly HEIGHTENED feelings in the film from Dani mainly are a highlight, they almost help make it feel all more real and at times even oddly disorienting. Actually some very existential energy here which in the context of this film weirdly works in an even more shocking way as if the true horror is the human behavior, mind, and experience of it all.

Emotionally charged to a spine chilling level. That’s the best way to describe this but it’s to a levity that can’t even truly be expressed with words because its just EVERYTHING about it in total unity perfectly works so well from the stunning cinematography to say Florence Pugh's remarkable performance. Which I have to say is insane, she can literally not say a single word and you can see EXACTLY what she’s feeling in every moment of a scene and all of her thoughts, its just all so beautifully written on her face expressively, her performance was fucking amazing and I truly don’t think the movie we got would’ve even been possible without her!

But most of all leading up to that absolute monster of a third act, it all only works to this shocking magnitude of impact due to the creepily touching aspect which I again absolutely loved which was in general how the film kept using the grief for far more than just that, it really showed the scaringly bare bones human condition on display to a stingingly emotional level by the ending as its truly being questioned and twistingly deconstructed on screen to the eye in the most unnerving, yet intriguing way. And that for me is the scariest part of the movie, the raw chord its able to hit with that.

Unequivocally unmatched by anything. But that’s of course not even counting all of this being masterfully the backdrop to a horrific pagan cult and a horror movie as well as coinciding also as a breakup movie inspired by asters real life which manifests itself onto the screen as the absolute personally life-wrecking relationship our main character Dani has with Christian which in a weird way makes all of it incredibly moving and scary at the same time, further showing all of these genius ideas aster collided as the PERFECT cinema vehicle for all of this.

Truly. Every single thing. All very intricately connected like the nature in the movie and all in absolute harmony with asters bulletproof, emotionally vivid vision leading up to this shakingly weird and at its core, beautiful cathartic experience that is absolutely impossible to forget and unnamedly different to anything as you slowly notice everything literally coming together beautifully by the end. And I mean literally everything. Just perfect. All in UNISON. Only gets better and MORE clearly intricate after repeat viewings. Truly a masterpiece. 

The directors cut is actually highly preferred to get more of the full picture and I feel a complete necessity at least for me considering it adds a lot to strongly flesh out the connections between the core characters more clearly as well as adding some very cool context on the life and practices of midsommar and the people of Hårga because hey! can't get enough of this shit anyways, would literally be up for the FULL full cut any DAY. 

Try me. Ari aster i dare you, correction, BEG.

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