Slice ★½

sucks that I’ve been hype about this movie for 2 years

an A24 movie with chance the rapper as a wearwolf pizza delivery man sounds like the absolute coolest thing I can think of; if only the actual movie was half as interesting as that logline makes it sound. The film has a confusing and random artistic vision. If the film followed traditional plot points, dropped the dragging and monotonous investigative journalism subplot, and focused on our main protagonist for a second of its runtime then it would be such a better film. I’m disappointed in the atmosphere I was promised but never received. The world building in this story was shallow, unimaginative, and not even entertaining. Only brief moments came close to setting up a creative and interesting world until they were destroyed again by laziness or complete lack of vision.

AND THE DIALOGUE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS TERRIBLE! I wish this was workshopped with a team of writers because if I’m being honest this feels like a bad first draft. What a waste of a perfect concept with an absolute perfect name smh

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