Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

„We just want to snap our fingers, to be back in cinema.“
(Two Cineasts)

“I keep telling everybody they should move on. Some do but not us."
(Chris Evans as Captain America)

Hi everybody. This is our second review we write together (Two Cineasts Nico and Hendrik) and our first review right after the cinema (in which we had the most awkward moment every as we clapped and cheered excessively after the credits went by... as the only ones in the entire room). And what would be more suitable as the conclusion of the 11 years lasting journey of the MCU. We would consider this to the best MCU movies and probably the best Marvel film overall. Everyone should have his/her favorite scene and the plot is not afraid of taking things slow and rather provide some deep emotional scenes than another big fight, even if there are plenty of them. All other films in all those years had their highlight moments, but this is a big highlight itself. The pacing over the entire movie is absolutely perfect.
The film plays immediately after the events of Avengers Infinity War and follows the super heroes in their fight against Thanos.

“It's not about how much we lost. It's about how much we have left.”
(Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man)

And what epic fight that was!
Because of obvious reasons we won’t talk much about the story or plot twists, we just wanna give you an impression of our cinematic experience. First, the Russo brothers kept their word. 99,99% of the material of all trailers take place in the first 15 minutes. Can you believe that?!
We just finished the film a few hours ago, with four other friends of ours and after the movie we all were equally stunned by this Popcorn Movie masterpiece.
We had the feeling to don't split up immediately, instead we talked for hours about the events we had just witnessed. Incredible how a film universe with action movies can still reinvent itself with its 22nd motion picture, absolutely unbelievable.
The last couple of days we both became more and more concerned of getting disappointed. We asked ourselves if this film can hold the amazing entertainment level of „Infinity War“ or even improves on it and if „Infinity War“ would lose it’s importance by reversing all bad events and thereby make „Infinity War“ unnecessary?
Our fears didn't come true. The Russo Brothers did a tremendous job and proofed once again their great talent. In many scenes just one little second of change would have made a significant difference in storytelling, several times the Russo brothers played with our expectations, by creating moments we certainly believed to encipher easily, but then we were surprised again and again. We can assure you that every open question, "Infinty War" has asked, is answered. And not in a "Star Wars 8" way, that the directors prove that they are capable of surprising you (boom in the face), rather than clear short but satisfying answers. Anthony and Joe just found the perfect way, to tell this epic ride. A big compliment and all thumbs up from us, for these geniuses.

Avengers Endgame directly places
Number 6 in our „111 favorite movies“ list.

The technical aspects of the film are flawless. Cinematography, editing and sound design are breathtaking and top of the art. Even a big event blockbuster movie like this one, with hundreds of special effects scenes, convinces with practical effects like great art and set decoration. The directional work of the two brothers is, as mentioned before, brilliant and one of the best works in that genre.
Some really outstanding achievements of the films are just as expected, like the good special effects, but usually only the big explosive pictures stay in mind, but here for example the motion capturing method that makes actors younger, is groundbreaking. For example in a preview to this pic we saw a trailer to the new movie from Will Smith, directed by Ang Lee, „Gemini Men“ and in this trailer the younger version of the lead actor just looks too artificial.
Another outstanding work is the adaptation of the comic books. To create something so big and lasting needs a huge amount of creativity and passion. I mean there are over twenty different films over a period of over ten years and every character, if he has a stand alone movie or not doesn’t matters, just fits in perfectly. The adaptation of the comic book "The Infinity Gauntlet" is more than satisfactory. For the people who read it there are both enough things in common and exactly the opposite to enjoy the film.
And the casting of these characters are one of the greatest achievements of the Marvel Studios. Some characters and actors gain more credit than others, but if you add "Infinity War" as part one, it's perfectly balanced and makes sense. Meanwhile, after these long years, we can’t imagine someone else playing our beloved heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or Ant Man. But there are some actors who did quite an amazing job. Please don’t get me wrong, we just love Cap America, but not because he was playing extraordinary, he wasn’t, he is just a cool and likeble character. Actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Josh Brolin really bring in a personal touch to their roles and that’s what makes them extraordinary. Serious, Thanos will take a place in film history, right next to Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter, as one of the best villains of all time in mainstream movies. And Iron Man will be remembered as one of the greatest movie heroes of all time, right next to characters like Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow. Especially this mentioned villains and heroes will always be related to their actors and that is really rare.
This film delivers one of the greatest cinematic experiences we ever had, we remember that we felt similar in just a few movies in the past decades. Maybe films like „The Lord of the Rings“, „The Dark Knight“ or „Interstellar“ make us feel the same. Awesome are the few pop culture references, from beloved films.

Thanos: „I am inevitable.“
Tony Stark: „...And I...am Iron Man.”

Right after the credits our first thought was "we have to see this movie immediately again. Not only to process all this vast impressions, but rather we had a genuinely great time: We, as group, screamed, cried, sweared, laughed and everything else you can feel and express. It's a strange feeling that this is longest MCU film with a running time of over 3 hours, because at no point you were able to say how much time passed so far, but nonetheless it felt too quick to be as long as for example "Apocalypse Now". And that's absolutely positive. The 22nd movie of the MCU has an epic story to tell and needs its time. With every seen film of the MCU it gets better and better. So many scenes or little journeys to the ongoing of further parts. Not only as tributes, no, the scenes and easter eggs were further developed. In a time where many people are annoyed at the millions of comic adaptations and superhero stories, this masterpiece comes around the corner, with many surprises, a more deep and dramatic plot, you wouldn't have suspected and a refreshing overall picture as the 22nd (!) film of the same universe. Heavy decisions with finally drastically ends are making the movie in some parts more a drama than an action blockbuster. The film fees like you have watched three Marvel movies in a row, so much is happening what changes everything for further phases. The maybe only negative point we could find, is that you definitely need to watch many films before, not only to understand End Game completely, but also have fun. Every fan or everyone who enjoyed the previous films should not get disappointed and have eventually the best cinema experience, like us.

“You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.”
(Josh Brolin as Thanos)

This is our first impression and we probably will add something to this review tomorrow, but we just need to sleep a night and let the film ease down. Presumably we will rewatch the movie in a few days. The creative team did a phenomenal job, you feel something is going to end.
One is for sure, if this would be the last movie from the MCU, it would be the most honorably ending in history.

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