The Vast of Night ★★★★½

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Today: The Vast of Night

„There is something in the sky...“
(Sierra McCornick as Fay Crocker and Jake Horrowitz as Everett)

Hi everybody, what was that? Simply wow, what a surprise. I saw the Trailer for this movie, about 4 or 5 months ago and totally forgot it. Now I saw it on Amazon and once more I must admit, there are definetely some really talented directors out there. Andrew Patterson is the name of the director and he delivered a first class debut with this little masterpiece right here. He understands to catch the Zeitgeist of this era. In the mid 50s of the U.S.A, in a small city, something mysterious is going on. A young boy and girl are about to find out what is going on and this is one of the most surprising pictures in the last year. First of all and we repeat ourselfs again, we love Sci – Fi films and this little one here hits our taste perfectly. The style of the movie, reminds us of storys like „The X – Files“ or Orson Welles Radio Theater Play of „The War of the Worlds“ from 1938. Just thru the spoken word of the characters, we witness the mysterious events. And the leading actors and actress did a really good job, we can feel the chemistry of them both and they spreading charme and fun. But the real star of the film is the directing work and the outstanding camera work, just awesome and truly magical. M. I. Littin – Menz is the man behind the camera and he does a beautiful job, with long shot sequences of 10 minutes lenght and genuine used steady cam scenes, he let every minute of the movie become a little artistic wonder. A few weeks ago we created our latest Letterboxd List, „The two Cineasts Present: Top 22 Cinematographies“, we are such huge fans of good camera works that we did a follow up List, with the same name and just „part 2“ added. Well, this motion picture here, deserves to become a part of one of our Lists. The movie had no big budget, but nevertheless it has flow, charisma and suspense, just like a good old Alfred Hitchcock film. The director Andrew Patterson deserves a special mention, he just composed an atmospheric total work. He uses creativity, to make the movie looks bigger, as it actually is. And it totally works, he uses the art of editing, great camera work and of course a good story telling to transport his vision. I´m really in love with this little masterpiece, so two thumbs up and 9 of 10 possible points from us. You have a 100% recommendation, enjoy it and let us hear how you like it.

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