"And how crazy one can get when one is alone with one's trousers!"

Favorite films

  • The Power of Hypnosis
  • The Bear's Wedding
  • Green Fields
  • The Divisions of Nature

Recent activity

  • Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a Sailor from York

  • When The Sun Goes Down

  • Toyen: The Subversive Baroness Of Surrealism

  • Searching

Recent reviews

  • Roofs of the World! Unite!

    Roofs of the World! Unite!

    "organic roofing salad"

  • The Pins

    The Pins

    outrageous ending! perret actively uses the lack of sound to concentrate the (amusing) shock of revelation in the precise moment the maid hears and realises. also, he's a dog.

Popular reviews

  • Arctic Fury

    Arctic Fury

    (She walks into room) -'Reino!'
    -'Talk less'.

    That might be the most Finnish thing i've ever seen.

  • Pain Is...

    Pain Is...


    "...In this respect, Dwoskin's cinema may be seen, not solely in terms of the convergence between the physical and the ephemeral, but rather, in a more thematically overarching aesthetic of temporal intersections and, in particular, those that occur within the human act of seeing - when the gaze transforms from curiosity to voyeurism, from information to imagination, from peripherality to fixation.

    In Pain Is..., Dwoskin's thoughtful rumination on the nature of pain, this intersection occurs in the conceptual mechanism…