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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    Amazon Prime

    I've seen David Byrne twice in my life. Once was at the premiere of St. Vincent's Self Titled tour where he was sitting on the balcony right next to me. People kept looking up at him like "I wonder what David Byrne thinks about this track." I would only realize this later but she had quite a lot of homages to this special in that performance.

    The second time I saw David Byrne was at an Arcade Fire…

  • Weekend



    Criterion Channel

    100 minutes of absolute chaos and complete misanthropy. How it manages to be this funny at the same time is pretty incredible.

    I am in love with the long takes, especially the silhouettes in front of the window curtain. The more I watched, the more I fell in love with this completely off the wall condemnation of humanity. Perfection.

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  • blink-182: The Urethra Chronicles

    blink-182: The Urethra Chronicles


    A time capsule reminding us all of the jokes people used to think were funny. Its also crazy to see Blink at such a relatively low level of fame. I can't think of any recent pop punk bands that became such a household name, appearing in comedy films and securing their place in pop culture like Blink did in the early 2000s.

    What's crazy is they're still releasing good music, although their best album will always be Dude Ranch.…

  • A Night at the Opera

    A Night at the Opera


    Comedy is one of those things I feel ages poorly in many cases. The Marx Brothers brand of comedy is not one of those cases.

    Just like in Duck Soup which I just watched recently, there is some amazing wordplay and one liners from Groucho, and I especially enjoyed the piano playing gags (kudos for actually playing the instruments too). I felt like some of the non-opera musical numbers made the pace drag a bit, but otherwise this was fantastic.

    Absolutely timeless stuff.

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  • No Half Measures: Creating the Final Season of Breaking Bad

    No Half Measures: Creating the Final Season of Breaking Bad


    Please stop rating random documentaries as if they were the show.

  • Horse Girl

    Horse Girl



    Alison Brie's first screenplay is ambitious and original. There is a massive tone shift throughout, but I was hooked the entire time. A lot of people seem to be rating this badly because it "doesn't know what it wants to be" but I disagree. I think it just wants to be a bunch of different things, and I'm here for it.

    The characters started out as being instantly lovable, but what is at first an entertaining comedy slowly reveals…