The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

It's extremely difficult to choose a favourite Wes Anderson film, and I believe the reason for that is each film brings something different to the table, and does that thing very well. It comes down to which one the viewer connects with most closely. This is why you'll rarely find people agreeing when ranking his work.

I think what puts The Grand Budapest Hotel in the top spot is that it either surpasses or competes with each of his films at the thing they each did best. For example, I always thought The Life Aquatic was his funniest film, but I was laughing in every scene here. It competes with The Royal Tenenbaums for his most well written characters. It competes with absolutely nothing on the visuals. This one just keeps on giving in every way, which is why I'm able to call it his best film with a pretty good deal of confidence.

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