Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

The subway scene is not only an exceptional build of suspense but a too accurate depiction of the New York subway system.

An exciting and refreshing bloody good fun return to form for the Scream franchise while taking the franchise in a direction that delivers new and daring ways of presenting the neverending story of Ghostface while ending on a note that presents for the first time an exciting uncertainty of where the franchise will go moving forward. The best part of Scream 6 is its ability to take on a lot of the beloved traits and backbone of what makes these movies so iconic with its self-awareness trademark taking a more relaxed route with it allowing it to become the most serious, the most violent, and for the first time an intense Scream movie without ever forgetting for a second this is still a Ghostface movie. Ghostface can still take a lot of hits but now can also pump a shotgun.

In order to look to the future you must first revisit the past. Scream 6 does exactly that to bring on a new chapter for the franchise with that past we know still there just taking on a new look. Jenna Ortega and Samara Weaving need to star in a raw horror movie together. The queens of modern horror.

More people needed to die though. Chickens.

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