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This review may contain spoilers.

Film noir narration, quirky Coen Bros. detectives, bookstore sex, boxcutter assassinations, and Tyler Perry as a sleazy lawyer... why is THIS the movie that feels like a documentary right now?

Fincher and Flynn are a match made in heaven for portraying a society that thrives on how shamelessly they can lie to themselves--about their relationships, values and needs. Nick and Amy are two truly ghoulish individuals who've learned to hide their self-loathing and sociopathy, respectively, in the confines of an all-too-convenient media circus. It's as if Fincher watched "Basic Instinct" and thought, "How can I make this into a prestige picture while doubling down on sleaze?" It's so fast-paced, snarky and (seemingly, for awhile) absurd that I always laugh through most of its runtime until the "lovers" reunite and I realize, "Wait... this is an American tragedy."

Indeed, Fincher's as seamless with tonal shifts as "Amazing Amy" is with smiling for the camera. Love "Se7en," love "Zodiac," and I've always had a more personal connection to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," but honestly? This might just be his masterpiece.

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