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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Epic heroes, from Achilles to Odysseus, Aeneas to even Beowulf, are often capable of making choices in light of, not in spite of, their fate. The epic genre so often conveys an initiating story of impossible choice. For the epic hero, the choice is usually between fame and honor in battle or obscurity and peace at home, and this is almost always played out against the relentless backdrop of man’s primal state, war. This sense of being trapped within the…

  • Gladiator



    Gladiator is the kind of film that supplants historical truth for an effectual core, yet does so with vivid intent. It's easy, so easy, to get swept in by its emotionally romantic magnitude, so much so that we begin to forget the one question Ridley is asking: Are you not entertained? And when the answer is clearly yes, then we in turn seem to be responding directly to the question posed at the very beginning of Ridley's career with a…

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  • Resurrection



    Feels akin to the sort of ‘thriller’ that was 2019’s Swallow in that it’s not actually a thriller at all, is simply more of a sturdy psychological acting centerpiece, and might also end up unfortunately forgotten in the long run. Unlike Swallow, however, Resurrection feels a bit less tepid about its subject matter, more deconstructively nasty, if not equally vague. Tim Roth is righteously devious here, at first giving us just the slightest amount of unstable doubt before immediately validating all the…

  • Limbo



    Give it five or ten years and this will amass just as popular a cult following as something like what Memories of Murder has today. Soi Cheang's direction recalls a more Fincher-inspired savvy, an integration of cinematic tech with neo-noir, while his discipleship under Johnnie To pulsates in the brutality of action. There's a nasty bite to Limbo, a reckoning with the shadow world, that just frankly feels vacant in a lot of detective fiction these days. This is bold,…

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  • Mandy



    Salvation is just around the corner. You know, I would have been totally cool with a whole movie about a logger and his artist girlfriend living out the metalhead life in a synth-soaked starry wood, but getting a vodka-drenched, coke-addled Rage Cage Bonanza where the arbitrary tragedy and inherent suffering of the world manifest in the form of ghoulish demon bikers who can only be battled with a freshly forged battle ax and chainsaw… that’s cool, too.

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    Metaconciousness is transposed here as something both deeply malevolent and elysian, purported as some sort of bicameral bliss of terror, worthy of worship, and yet devastated by selfhood and experience. If we consider America our own private tulpa, then I suppose Missouri is precisely dead center mass where the beating heart of the country would lie — beating, though? More like a decayed, black pearl defunct and still. So, it makes sense that we set our sights on Missouri here,…