The Patriot

The Patriot ★★★★

Steven Seagal’s pandemic western, directed by the guy who shot The Road Warrior and Apocalypto, which helps it feel like an actual movie and not some insane vanity project. The Patriot tragically never made it into the lazy Saturday afternoon TNT line-up, which feels like a huge oversight. I’m also convinced it may have been a secret, subtle influence on Neil Druckmann’s writing for The Last of Us. Seagal is in truly rare form, surprisingly unironically good as a doctor who draws the Hippocratic line at malevolent militia goons who unleash a deadly virus upon Montana (that only natives can survive... and cure). There are a couple moments of gnarly violence in this that I won’t forget, one involving a shattered wine glass getting jammed into someone’s head and another with L.Q. Jones blowing up some guys in a truck with dynamite. More people need to see this!

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