Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

I don't really like comparing films, but I do when it's on a postive note. "The Last Jedi" reminds me most of the film "Logan." Flaws are inherent in both, yet the character and the plot in which they're driven by engage within each other to draw the film to a higher state of quality; where the flaws disappear. I felt the first act of the film was a tad too heavy, going from one giant space battle to another, and once we reach a certain casino scene the film haulted. Once we get past that the more becoming elements come out. The destruction of the Jedi, Sith mythology; in a way ending the star wars you know, expanding a universe that has been limited by fan boys who claim to know what they want. Like Rian Johnson's other films this is very shakespearean. He even add the Lucas touches of political transparency and discourse; this is very idiosyncratic of Rian Johnson. That really impressed me, that this filmmaker where the last film he made was "Looper" was given the keys to write and direct a middle chapter in a third trilogy.
This is a star wars film, this is a contemporary blockbuster, this is also and at its finest a Rian Johnson film. I loved what they did with Luke I love a very bold choice that genuinely shocked me, I loved what the arcs of our very likeable new characters have become, this was geniuly an interesting film for me.

The destruction of our nostalgia is on the forefront.

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