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  • The Sunlit Night

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  • Titane


    t’es malade?
    — ... non, je suis vieux.

    fire, but no water; motor oil, the holy blood. male fetishes of scantily clad women and cars are just gateways to the original male fetish — female suffering, especially in Judeo-Christian tradition. the titanium that she adores and worships, eventually overtaking her being. your body must be given up in service of the church and in bearing children for men, no matter the cost. how can she cope but by lashing out;…

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    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    cinema is the existential dread of staring into the red of the impending catastrophic asteroid hurtling toward Earth as you draw your last breath sinking into quicksand, your fate sealed

  • The Sunlit Night

    The Sunlit Night

    the first hour was hitting, but then i feel like we rushed everything in wrapping it up and skimped on a lot of moments and even character developments that would’ve helped the ending to feel really satisfying. a lot of potential delivered mediocrely, but at the same time, a pleasant experience; not upsetting

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  • Ambulance


    “is Michael Bay remaking Heat?”
    — the homie when this trailer played before Dune tonight

    looks like a kind of nouveau-Bay that’s more polished and simultaneously more unhinged than ever before. i’m always ready for more manic Jake. Michael using the custom Bayhem lenses and the absolute canons that are the T-Series glass is terribly exciting; i’m a junkie for the craft. i’m ready for my senses to be assaulted. consider my ticket purchased

  • Bones and All

    Bones and All

    how can a movie so shiver-inducing also be so tender? i was enjoying myself already, but then that third act kicked this thing into the goddamn stratosphere and spoke so directly to me that i cried and sat motionless.

    as if it wasn’t enough that Reznor and Ross annihilated this score, as if it wasn’t enough that they made an original song for this movie that’ll break you in two, as if it wasn’t enough that this positively simmers with…