Suspiria ★★★

Above all, I appreciate the style of this version over the original. I believe that the desaturated colors and vintage aesthetic serves the story more effectively (versus the bright colored lighting). I admire how this was a true remake in how it tried to add something new to the story. I was on board when I heard this would take place in Germany during riots and terrorism. Not to mention, this version embraced the witch plot line a lot more. However, it bit off more than it could chew. Scenes that were truly disgusting and terrifying become confusing and admittedly laughable towards the end. I understand that ambiguity is a good weapon in horror, but mysteries that arises aren’t followed up with little bread crumbs to keep the viewer guessing. Instead, they expect you to just make something up as you go... which is what this script fell like. Overall, I did enjoy this version over the original, but I can understand the polarizing reception.

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