Boyz n the Hood ★★★★

Yesterday afternoon, we have lost the great and artistic John Singleton. We have lost a visionary, talented, and outstanding filmmaker since he came out with his directorial debut, Boyz n the Hood. So today, I’m going to try my best to review, and talk about the film!

Boyz n the Hood is the story of a young man named Tre Styles, (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) who lives in South Central L.A. with his father Jason “Furious” Styles (played by Laurence Fishburne), and Tre has lived there since he was 10 years old, so Furious can teach Tre how to be a better man and learn simple things in life before he ends up like his Crip gang member friends, Doughboy (played by Ice Cube), and the others either dead or in jail.

A few scenes in Boyz n the Hood are so memorable, thought-provoking, and stunning, even the film itself, due to the fact that this was what life was like back in South Central L.A. in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The scene between Furious and Tre when he was 10 are powerful. Where they were at the lake and Furious tells his son how any man can make a kid but it takes a real man to raise one. And the other scenes with Furious where he gives out thought-provoking, but very wise words on life. Including the one on gentrification when he, Tre, and Ricky were in Compton. And also the climatic moment of the scene of the near-end of the movie, where Ricky was shot and killed by Bloods. When Tre is about to go out with Doughboy and the others to find them, Furious tells him that Tre isn’t going with them and getting killed for doing something stupid, and its not going to make it any better if they go find them and get payback.

The acting Gooding Jr., Cube, and Fishburne give out is fantastic, not to mention this was Cube’s acting debut when he was becoming a solo rapper after he left NWA. Including the acting from Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, and Regina King, which was also their acting debut in film. The script and direction Singleton gave out for his very first film is proven to be timeless, and memorable for making a film that was exposing the hard facts of life living in the hood. And now there are so many movies like Boyz n the Hood, there will never be another movie like it having and showing it’s true but memorable art, and will never be another John Singleton, may he rest in piece!

I’m giving Boyz n the Hood 4 stars!

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