Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★★★

While John Carpenter wasn’t making awesome horror flicks, he makes an awesome sequel to Escape from New York. While it’s great to have him direct it, and have Kurt Russell come back to play Snake Plissken, you can’t beat the original film. 

Escape from L.A. follows Snake Plissken is once again called by the American government to do another risky mission. This time, it involves the President’s daughter, and a doomsday device in another desolated city: Los Angeles.

After rewatching the first film, I didn’t have any interest in watching the second film. Because I doubt it was going to be as good and fun as the original, and it was going to be a cheesy action flick from the ‘90s. But it was more than that, I thought it was just as good and fun as the original film! One night, my wife came home from work and I wanted to spend some time with her before she went back the next morning. But when she went to sleep, I watched Escape from L.A. on Amazon Prime. And to be honest, when the film itself was less favorable and didn’t make enough money at the box office, I had a good time watching it!

It was great to see Kurt Russell come back to play the legendary character! He is called by the government again to do another risky mission in the abandoned and desolated city of Los Angeles to get a device that will destroy all mankind, and kill the President’s daughter after she is brainwashed by a Peruvian communist warlord Cuervo Jones. For a Greek-French actor, Georges Corraface does a good job of playing the warlord! He wants to bring a war to America because of the U.S. President’s tyrannical ruling and his laws. Corraface doesn’t give an award worthy performance, but he has got the mannerisms and the language of the communist leader Che Guevara. You also have Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Stacy Keach, Pam Grier, and a surprising cameo from Bruce Campbell as a surgeon general!

What can I say about John Carpenter? He makes really good and entertaining movies! I know he has some movies that aren’t my favorites like The Fog, Vampires, and Prince of Darkness. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a hat to tip off from. Does make a decent sequel for the classic action movie from 1981, but it does have a few problems. The visuals are very noticeable you could acknowledge every flaw. It’s also unrealistic and cheesy, and the opening and ending is very similar to the original film. But you know what? I’m not upset. Not even indignant either. You know why? Because Russell and Carpenter know Snake Plissken and his world. No one could do better, not even James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, or Ridley Scott. As a Rob Zombie fan, I love that rocking track he and his old band, White Zombie, did for the ending credits! I don’t know what made Carpenter have a rocking soundtrack, but it’s got songs from good bands like Tool, Sugar Ray, and Butthole Surfers!

I will admit I had fun watching Escape from L.A., and I will probably add it onto my Blu-ray collection soon. Like I said it does have a few flaws, and it’s similar to the original, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. If you are a fan of John Carpenter or Kurt Russell, or if you’re a fan of Escape from New York, I would suggest checking this out on Amazon Prime, or find it on Blu-ray from the Scream Factory. 

I’m giving Escape from L.A. 4 stars!

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