Jaws ★★★★★

Happy Independence Day! Today is a day where every American can come together and go to the lake, cook up some BBQ, get drunk, and shoot fireworks! Also, today is where everyone can watch some of the best movies of all time! So today, I’m going to talk about Jaws!

Jaws is the infamous American classic about a great white shark terrorizing and attacking people in a beach community. So it is up to a local sheriff, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter to team up to hunt the shark down.

If you people know Jaws, you and everybody know this is a classic! When I was a kid, I was scared to watch this movie. Along with Scream, Jurassic Park, and The Exorcist. But my dad got me into watching it when I overcame my fear of sharks when me and my family were at the beach. So one night, we were watching it on AMC, and then I fell in love with it! From then on, no matter where we were, my dad and I watched Jaws or Shark Week on every July. And now, I love and respect this film as an achievement from Spielberg as a young filmmaker.

I’m going to start with the positives. The acting from the cast was terrific! Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw were just absolutely incredible! I personally can not think there would’ve been anyone better to play their roles, and none of us felt the movie was all about the actors and say it was their movie and it was them who made it perfect. All of them were perfect! It’s an outrageous true story on how troublesome the production was! The production started without a script, a cast, and a shark. But it was amazing how everyone did everything to make it work, especially on how bad the shark was. They kept bringing in a new shark, due to the fact that they would not work in the water. Kubrick didn’t have to deal with this bullshit!

Before Spielberg became who he was, he turned a cheesy story into a cinematic masterpiece. The tension, the music, and the dialogue was what turned Jaws into a classic movie and established Spielberg as a legendary director! The tension is what got me the most in the film. The way the camera moved as if the shark was coming, and it was like watching an Alfred Hitchcock film! Jaws went on to win 3 Oscars in 1975, including the iconic score from the legendary John Williams. 

I know I don’t have much to talk about, and I apologize for this late review, but Jaws is not a 3.5 star, 4 star, or even a 4.5 star film to me. I can’t wait to own this on 4K someday soon, show it to my future kids, and watch it in its glorious format. If none of you haven’t seen this film, then I demand you to stop and watch it!

I’m giving Jaws 5 stars!

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