Nope ★★★★

Jupe Park: What if I told you that today you'll leave here different. I'm talking to you. Right here, you are going to witness an absolute spectacle. So what happens next?

This is my third time watching Nope, and I had an interesting but very good time with it. This time, my father-in-law was curious to see it, so I picked it up from the library a couple of days ago. It still is the second best film Jordan Peele did because it keeps you intact for the vibe of being a black Spielbergian film from the 1980s. I wonder if Steven Spielberg and Seth Rogen got together after completing The Fabelmans and watched the premiere of Nope while being completely stoned. Whenever the UFO is up in the sky, I could picture them talking about how Peele is trying to Spielberg the shit out of this movie.

Emerald Haywood: Didn't I tell you this motherfucker would come up with a NON-ELECTRICAL CAMERA? Let's go, boy!

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