Reservoir Dogs ★★★★½

I forgot to do a post for my next review of a Quentin Tarantino film. I got home from work and I was too tired to do it. But since I told myself I’d do Reservoir Dogs and since Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out today, I thought, what the hell, I’ll do it anyway. So hear it is!

Reservoir Dogs is about a group of men who’s heist went awry after someone in their crew got shot, but also tipped off the police. So now they meet back at their rendezvous to talk about who’s the snitch, and figure out what to do with the stolen diamonds. And the story is told in a fantastic nonlinear story fashion!

This is the very first film Tarantino directed with one of his own original scripts. When he was almost 29 years old! With his original scripts including Pulp Fiction, True Romance, and Natural Born Killers, he wanted to make it because it reminded him of Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing. But he claimed that his film wasn’t a copycat or rip-off Kubrick’s film, he done his with homages. As he always did with his later films. Anyways, with the help of turning it into a film, a former producer of his gave it to Harvey Keitel. He loved the script and decide to fund it as one of the producers. Which I thought was very cool of an actor like him to help a young promising upcoming filmmaker! And with the help of future collaborating actors of Tarantino’s other films, like Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, and Michael Madsen. 

When the film was released on October 23rd, 1992, several critics and audiences thought it was brutal, raw, profane, stylish, and utterly brilliant! The film also caused controversy, which is no stranger to Tarantino for its graphic violence and strong profanity. It was also banned for a little while in the United Kingdom and considered it I think as a video nasty from the ‘90s! Reservoir Dogs was also the second film from Quentin Tarantino I’ve seen way before I saw his earlier films. I can remember being 15 years old and watching it on IFC. And rewatching it over and over on my DVR and thought it was one of the best I’ve seen in my young lifetime. Now when I think of it, it’s not my least or best favorite, but I would like to make a Top 10 Tarantino list.

The cast is phenomenal, the story is thrilling and exciting, the dialogue is engaging, the writing and directing is fantastic, the cinematography was bleak, and the soundtrack of ‘70s hits filled the mood up with scenes that we will never forget! Also one of the songs, Hooked on a Feeling, I heard it on here first before it was used in the insane MCU film Guardians of the Galaxy! That concludes my review of Reservoir Dogs! As much as anticipated and exciting I am to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I will release my review of it after I see it.

I’m giving Reservoir Dogs 4.5 stars!

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