1917 ★★★★

Loved it. Not only was it technically impressive but I was also so engrossed in this journey which isn't something I could say of something like Dunkirk. Anything bad I could say about the movie are mostly knick picks like a moment or two where the score was a bit overbearing and a couple of the hidden cuts were a bit too obvious and took me out of the movie for a second. Also I wish the movie was a tad longer on the front end and sort of built up the relationship between the two central characters a bit more.

Otherwise this was exactly what this movie needed to be. It's shot incredibly with sequences that could easily make their way into my favorite images I've seen in a movie. The score is absolutely incredible. It has its moments where it's properly reserved but when it swells, it's absolutely incredible. George Mackay was an absolute standout and I hope he gets a lot more roles in the future.

Probably gonna watch this one again at some point while it's still in theaters because this is one of those films that uses the cinematic medium to its full potential.

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