Dunkirk ★★★★

+++ the emotion is the star here. The film is moving and has real heart
+ The IMAX cinematography and the production design
+ Long dialogue-free passages and the experiential approach in general, skipping the historical context and chasing a feeling
+ Survival at all costs being the goal is a different kind of war movie... Only the pilot ever is on offense and even then he's largely defending. Mainly it is about the universal human instinct to survive and that transcends specifics
+ a war movie about retreat.

- the nonlinear structure felt like a cheap trick sometimes... Could we have experienced the full emotion without it? I think so
- music was so persistent and monotonous as to induce fatigue. There's a cue 2/3 of the way through that feels like the same note for 30 minutes
- some of the twists are telegraphed... One soldier being French is conceptually sound but too apparent from the jump
- the dogfights are actually less thrilling than they could have been... Hardy seems to have the worst reaction time of any ace fighter pilot, and Nolan's reliance on practical effects and IMAX cameras hurts him from an agility standpoint

? When 80% of the movie is IMAX why not go all the way? Found the letterboxing changes distracting and the fidelity dropoff noticeable. Was it a $ thing? Understand needing smaller camera for boat scenes but Branagh on the pier was mostly not IMAX as well.