The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ★★

Easily the best thing Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has going for it is the big climactic (or arguably anti-climactic) battle at the end. It's easily the best thing in the movie, but the problem is you have to sit through about 75 minutes of typical Twilight melodrama bullshit to get there. With that said, I think this Twilight movie has some of the most hilarious moments in the series that had me laughing pretty hard, from the return of the CGI baby, to Michael Sheen's performance as Aro. Everyone in the movie is so serious but he's the one person who seems to not care and be doing his own crazy thing.

When you finally do get to that battle in the third act it's all pretty entertaining. Even though I already knew about the whole twist that was involved with it, I still enjoyed seeing the battle play out on screen nonetheless. I also liked the song at the end of the movie, "A Thousand Years". I've always liked that song but never actually knew that it was in Twilight and that it was made specifically for it, so that was interesting to find out.

This movie does still have the same issues that the other films have, whether it be the bad writing, acting, or pacing. I think the biggest flaw is the visual effects. None of the Twilight films have ever had great special effects and CGI, but Breaking Dawn Part - 2 probably has the worst effects out of them all (excluding the final battle) which is weird to say considering the budget was $136 million. For one, the baby looks laughably atrocious. Some of the green screen also looks painfully bad, especially in the opening when Bella and Edward are running through the forest.

Well anyway, there you have it, I finally managed to watch all the Twilight films... yayyyy?? In all honesty though I don't think any of them are absolute trash. They all have something redeemable about them, and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn - Part 2 both actually have solid action sequences in them. It isn't likely that I'll watch these movies again, but I'm still (somewhat) glad that I finally got to see them nonetheless.

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