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  • Greyhound



    This is the story of the WWII Destroyer Greyhound on it’s Captain’s (Tom Hanks) first sortie into the Atlantic performing convoy duty commanding a small flotilla of four ships. Firstly and with some degree of incredulity, I have seen disparaging reviews that seem to miss the subject matter by a wide mark. This is by no means a ‘Sunday Afternoon Yawn”!

    The screenplay (written by Hanks) is based on the excellent novel “The Good Sheperd” by C. S. Forrester. The…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Just watched this film, and have to admit I wasn’t too sure if it was going to be the standard rehashed Hollywood fair we have all come to expect.

    It’s not. In no way. The total reverse.

    I will delve more deeply into why when I have more time to do it justice. But Elizabeth Moss has shot right up the list of must see actresses.

    For now I have to say I was bloody impressed. The story has a…

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  • Braveheart



    American romanticism of one of the most important eras of English/Scottish history. Mel Gibson plays his part, as always, with sincere emotion and professional aplomb BUT the film fails, as always, to deal with the utter brutality of daily life. On both sides.

    The English BAD, the Scottish GOOD. 

    The politics are shown, but only in the context of making the downtrodden ordinary folk seem the more righteous. It’s a good Sunday afternoon filler, but don’t expect to walk away any the richer for viewing.

  • The Million Pound Note

    The Million Pound Note


    Do you know that feeling when you unexpectedly come across a film that actually made a huge influence to your childhood?

    I have a few that fit this bill and The Million Pound Note is right up there with the best. Why? 

    A genuine story, amazing actors who were at the top of their craft, no reliance on fancy graphics or exploding helicopters, a mise-en-scene that is so beautifully shot and edited it makes your heart ache. All this is undoubtedly true…