Tyrell William Lisson

Tyrell William Lisson


Creative Producer. Work on CTV, ABC, Crave and Amazon Prime Video.

Favorite films

  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Badlands
  • Easy Rider
  • Apocalypse Now

Recent activity

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth


  • Encanto


  • The Tender Bar


  • The Lost Daughter


Recent reviews

  • Spencer



    Spencer is a wonderful character study. Beautiful costumes, regal set decoration and costuming and lush cinematography all working to create the perfect canvas. 

    The duality in the cinematography was smart. Claustrophobic, and anxiety inducing closeups one moment and then distant and cold wide shots another. How these choices  plays with the characters and their attitudes is so intriguing and smart. 

    Kristen Stewart wrestles the material with passion. Diana is so iconic and has been played well by others. She doesn’t…

  • Official Competition

    Official Competition


    Official Competition was smart, cheeky and effortless. 

    The way in which is pokes fun at art v. entertainment was hilarious. Great comedic performances from Penélope Cruz, Oscar Martínez and Antonio Banderas.

    A must see. #TIFF21

Popular reviews

  • Boyhood


    BOYHOOD: This isn't a film, it is an experience. A true coming of age story, done completely differently than ever before. This film is full of laughter, tears and moments of disbelief.

  • Whiplash


    WHIPLASH: intense film full of laughs, cries and anger. Superb acting for such a small cast. Beautiful use of editing in proximity to the music. The plot was simple, but effective in relying so many messages about life, work and relationships.