Inherent Vice

It's getting a bit harder to write about Inherent Vice after the 7th time seeing it, not because there isn't much left, because there is. It's just hard to elaborate my amorous feelings for the film in a way that's different from my favorite review I've ever done, my 6,000 world analysis of the film and the 6 other reviews I wrote about the movie. But I will try again, and I will continue to because this movie allures me like no other, always beckoning me to join the palpable atmosphere it masterfully creates.

So let's talk about greed. There is a war going on between two sides in Inherent Vice, on one side stands Mickey Wolfmann, Crocker Fenway and the collective Golden Fang, propagating an entire culture and era for a profit. And on the other side is Doc Sportello. You see a plethora of clients come in and out of Doc's office but Doc never asks them for a fee, or collects anything from them. He does what he does to bring the past back, to get shasta back. He helps Coy and Hope for the same reasons. As the landscape and people are ravaged by the scourge of real estate tycoons and the golden fang, Doc attempts to fight them off singehandely, biting off a bit more than he can chew. 

"But money is a whole lot easier",  Crocker Fenway responds. But Doc would rather help bring the past back for an innocent couple, because even though its harder, it's a whole lot better.

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