It's really fun to fill in job applications as Lou Bloom. Here's Lou Bloom applying to Target.

Name: Lou Bloom
Address: 110 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone Number: (323) 969-8760

What kind of position are you interested in?

I don't want to put myself in a corner by saying only one position. I am sure I can perform all of your available jobs with great confidence and ease. My experience and skill in the workforce will allow me accomplish any duty.

What type of employment would you prefer

I can work full time and more. I will be available any second of the day for you. I will work holidays, nights, mornings. Nothing will stop me for working tirelessly for you.

Do you currently have paid employment?

As of now I am the CEO of a small business, Video Production News, a professional news gathering service, that focuses on media based journalism but I would like to expand my sphere of operations and begin working my way up the retail ladder.

Have you previously worked in the retail industry?

While I have not physically attained a retail job, I embody the retail spirit through my other employment. I always put others first and will work diligently to make sure my customer is always satisfied.

Are you currently studying? If not specify the highest level of study achieved

I haven’t had what you’d call much formal education but
you can find most anything if you look hard enough. Last year I took an on-line business course, for example. I learned
you have to have a business plan before starting a business, and that why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue. The site advised you to answer the following question before deciding where to focus your abilities. The question was ‘What do I love to do?’ The site suggested making a list of my strengths and weaknesses. I recently remade my list and I’m thinking now that working retail might just be something that I love as well as
something that I happen to be good at.

List any Achievements i.e employment, education, personal, or sporting

My achievements are that I pride myself on being a hard worker. I set high goals and I've been told I'm persistent. This allows me to accomplish anything that I set my heart on, and now my heart is set on this employment position.

List any additional skills or training you have completed

While my aspirations, diligence, and persistence would normally be enough for any qualified candidate, I posses even more. I am comfortable with technology, I have worked with high quality cameras for the past months. I am a impressive driver, which is because of my outstanding reflexes. I am constantly researching and learning new things that will allow me to grow as an employee. For example, did you know that they've done studies, and they found that in any system that relies on cooperation, from a school of fish or say even a professional hockey team for example, these experts
have identified communication as the number one single key to success. I am very effective at communicating through simple and clear language. I know how to get a job done and how to convey that through words and motivate a team. I have recently hired a group of employees for Video Production News, a professional news gathering service, and have instilled in them the same qualities, so I would be a viable candidate for any leadership position in your organization.

List your hobbies interests or involvements

My only hobby is work. Why would I spend time honing useless skills when that valuable time could be spent building my career and increasing my area of expertise. My motto is if you want to win the lottery you have to make the money to buy a ticket. I plan to buy many tickets.

Thank you for the business proposition and I hope you respond quickly. I eagerly anticipate working tirelessly for the Target corporation.

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