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  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    That... wasn't good.

    It wasn't terrible but it just wasn't all that good. It's acted well but the story is... meh.

    The x-mem are stupid. Like pretty much everyone did at least one stupid thing that didn't make sense in this film but then they had a cool moment later (I guess).

    Actors all did their part but they didn't have much to work with. Villains were underdeveloped and MY GOD FOX SHOULD DO NOT KNOW THE DAMN PHOENIX STORYLINE…

  • Aladdin



    I was expecting worse, I've gotta say.

    It was pretty fun. Nowhere near the original but there's some enjoyment to be had here. Doesn't get close to the magic of the original and falls into the category of remakes that we just didn't need but it's nowhere near awful or bad or terrible.

    I do have to say though this film does not understand the art of pick-pocketing. Like... at all.

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  • Booksmart



    Yeah that's going straight into my top 5 of the year, easy.

    So funny. Great characters. Charming story. Well acted. Well directed.

    This one's good. This one's very good.

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    Well I enjoyed that greatly. Is it the best star wars film ever? No. Is it ground-breaking? No. Is it fun? Yes.
    The star wars universe has rich characters and lore and they shine through in this film. The cast is what makes this film. Add in some entertaining action scenes and an alright plot with a nice few twists (somewhat predictable but still cool) and you get a pretty good film.
    If you need your Star Wars films to…