Dogville ½

NEVER let a libra be a favorite actor of yours because all they will do is PLAY YOU AND PLAY YOU. (halfway point of the Udo Kier marathon! and yep he was in it for two seconds)
Well so I'm seeing how Lars uses women in his films (just totally degrades their characters to make some sort of point about humanity) and I wish I could say this is the last fucking one for me but I am going to give him one more try with melancholia. I know people who have REALLY gotten something out of that one so i'm praying to god it doesn't have any rape scenes because guess what lars, i don't need any more disgusting reminders that women are subjected to sickening brutality all across the world all the time! i can't help but draw comparisons between this and dancer in the dark because i couldn't see much a difference between bjork's and kidman's characters; they're these helpless women who are put through so much pain and manipulation and nonsensical HELL, and i don't see what there is for me to take from this. these films just make me feel physically ill & revolted as well as simply CONFUSED. would this film teach manipulative people to be less manipulative? would it help powerful people not to abuse their power? is there good that could come from something like this?