A Layman's Guide to Getting Blasted On Grain Alcohol and Watching 'Big Money Hustlas'

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By Craig Cardillo

Disclaimer: I kind of endorse nothing about Juggalos or the Insane Clown Posse. I'm just a guy, leave me alone.

Many know the Insane Clown Posse through an infamous facade of black and white clown makeup. There’s a mystique around them, something about how brash they are, how gross, how ridiculous. It all attracts a crowd of internet observers, which has, in our current climate, crossed the boundary from ironic enjoyment to sincere appreciation. Something that I find odd… but not unfounded. Juggalo, a term used for both the band members and their fans, is meant to inspire this rabid sense of community found nowhere else their undying fans do not exist without reason. The Clown Posse, however insane they may be, hold a certain appeal. The group deviates from the norm, sparks controversy (lawsuits I won’t speak of here), and most of all, with their cocks out and their freak flags flying, they make outcasts feel seen.

It’s no surprise ICP has made films, their universe is vast and inevitably would venture to conquer the realms of cinema. But, this piece is not about them. Though Big Money Hustlas exists because of them, their films are not about the Insane Clown Posse (if anyone would like to watch a film about them, there are plenty of documentaries floating around.) Their body of cinematic work is about a culture, or rather, a perversion of culture. A culture that requires a certain level of debauchery, getting blasted on some kind of mind-altering substance – which brings me to my topic here.

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