Fighting with My Family ★★★★

I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, but still really enjoyed this film. 

While the whole wrestling aspect is a big part of the film, Paige’s journey is at the center of it, with this film focusing on her becoming an iconic WWE performer. While the story does feel somewhat generic in terms of it being presented as the classic underdog story, it does so with some clever humor sprinkles throughout. I was laughing pretty consistently with this film, and I thought that writer/director Stephen Merchant did a great job handling the material. 

Florence Pugh was great in this film as Paige, doing really well with the physical side of her role as well as the dramatic side. This is the first film I’ve seen her in, and I can’t wait to see more of her, she’s so badass here. This is also Nick Frost’s best role in a long while, he’s really great here. 

I also thought that Remi Adafarasin’s cinematography was great, and that there were a few shots towards the middle of the film that really struck me as great. 

Fighting With My Family is a more or less conventional biopic, but the consistent humor and great performances really do elevate the quality. As someone who doesn’t know shit about wrestling, I greatly enjoyed it and was able to connect with these characters.

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