Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

That was weird.........but I kinda loved it! This is my first David Lynch movie and it was a good one! Mulholland Drive is a fantastic film that will confuse and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The plot follows Betty, a young actress who moves in her aunt's apartment in LA. Upon arriving she finds another woman who goes by the name Rita. Rita only knows that she was in a car crash and has a purse filled with a triangle shaped key and a lot of money. This is really the basic plot, however. There are a few subplots with one involving Adam, a film director who is having studio troubles as well as personal troubles. All of these subplots play into a whopper of an ending that will leave some confused and others thinking about the meaning of this film. I really enjoyed the plot of this film! From the opening you're promised suspense and mystery, all of which happens in the film. I liked that this film makes the viewer think about certain clues that play into the ending. I also liked how it's not afraid to mess with your mind in ways that I can't even put into words. The ending of this film is as confusing as it is trippy. There are numerous scenes where I was piecing together events from earlier to make sense of what was going on. Some parts of the film are not linear, mostly the subplots and the ending of the film. All of the subplots tie into the ending of the film which personally blew me away. Lynch dosen't try to appeal to the average filmgoer and creates an ending that is the culmination of all the weirdness and mystery that is Mulholland Drive. I'm definately going to have to rewatch this film because it is highly rewatchable. The characters are very well developed with Rita and Betty being my favorites. As the film progresses, you discover that there is more and more to their characters that makes them all the more interesting. 

The cast does a great job with their performances. Naomi Watts is great as Betty, an aspiring actress who helps Rita piece together her past. Laura Harring is also great as Rita, a woman with amnesia who is trying to piece together her past. What makes their characters all the better is that the two leads have impeccable chemistry. It seems like the toe leads were written especially for these two actresses. I also enjoyed Justin Theroux as Adam, a director who's life seems to be going down the drain. He provided a comedic element to the film which I enjoyed. 

The direction by David Lynch is great! He creates a story that will satisfy some and confuse many. As I said before, he doesn't make a story for the average filmgoer. He makes a story that will make you think about this film long after it's over. As I'm writing this review, I'm thinking about the film and piecing together parts that were alluded to in the film. It's highly rewatchable which I'm probably going to do soon so I can get a better understanding of the film. I really liked the cinematography by Peter Deming. The way some of the shots are filmed add to the mysterious vibe of the film. Even more of the trippy scenes have some sort of grace and fluidity to them. 

The music by Angelo Badalamenti is amazing! From the first track I got a vibe of mystery and suspense that sent a chill up my spine. Throughout the entire film his haunting score will unnerve viewers and contribute to the atmosphere. 

Overall, Mulholland Drive is an amazing film that will leave viewers thinking for days to come. Definately check it out, but pay attention to it or else you will be confused. 


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