War Dogs ★★★

At its core, this film is just a lesser version of The Wolf of Wall Street, focusing on arms dealing rather than stocks. That being said, the film was better than I expected. 

The film was surprisingly more serious than I expected, especially considering the directors previous films. The chemistry between Miles Teller and Jonah Hill was also great. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack to the film, feeling that it fit the atmosphere well. 

The problems mostly lie in the story, the main one being that it's way too predictable. Again, it's pretty much The Wolf of Wall Street minus the Stocks. You can predict it from beginning to end. That being said, there were some more interesting moments that made the film try to feel unique. Also I felt that the transition of scenes in the film was kinda awkward. They space them out using quotes, but I ultimately feel that it just made the film feel a bit awkward. 

War Dogs is a nothing new, but a standout performance by Jonah Hill and some great comedic bits make the film one is reccomend you rent. It's not a must watch or anything, but it's far from a bad film and one I'd reccomend.

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