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  • Allen v. Farrow

    Allen v. Farrow

    i would like to ask you to listen to me for a moment. say there is a man. the man talks and talks and talks. he says lots of things about how he sees the world, how he sees himself in the world. it is his voice. when he talks enough people who listen to him talk hear him and say 'yes! that very thing happens to me!' and because he says it in such a way that is so…

  • Religulous


    Bill Maher, Vitruvian Man par excellance, makes himself the measure of all things, the measure of all that is reasonable, the measure of what is sane or insane, of what is acceptable or indexable. Bill Maher, exulting in the Death Of God now crowns Himself Prince Regent Of This World, defining rationality as what, he, Bill Maher, can personally cognitively grasp in a five-minute breakdown or accept or reject in accordance with his own previously established aesthetic tastes, regardless of…

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  • Green Room

    Green Room


    You know, it would be really quite terrible if we were to find ourselves trapped in the midst of an armed White Supremacist business operation which uses entertainment as a cover for nefarious schemes which sicken and enslave the whole of the culture whilst using non-whites as scapegoats for the damage and hostility which follows, further fuelling their cause, right? right?

  • The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation

    I was lucky enough to have been taught The Birth Of A Nation as part of a course in American History during high school. We learned about its purpose as a work of propaganda 50 years after the end of the Civil War, celebrating the collapse of Reconstruction and glorifying the Southern Redemption which arose in its place. President Woodrow Wilson signaled his support of White Nationalist groups by ending executive branch civil rights outreach and by showing The Birth…