Batman Returns

Batman Returns ★★★★★

Dear Santa:

I regret to inform you that this year (and last year, and the year before that) i have been a very very very bad girl in fact i think i have been rather exceptionally bad this year and require what could very well end up being extraordinary degrees of correction outside of the more vanilla methods we have earlier employed without success so, dearest Santa, if you could send me a tall dark psychopathic billionaire fascist with a desperate and lonely hole in his heart all the luxx tactical armor in the world and a super groovy ride cannot fill or even poorly disguise predictably if inefficiently compensated for with extreme display behavior, fake narcissism & serious anger/control issues to um, show me the error of my ways, perhaps that would be an adequate counter to my profligate and incorrigible deviancy? we won't know until we try, will we Santa? u know i do LOVE a man in uniform and the fur trim on the red and the shiny boots are indeed quite a look! are you doing anything rn? well, of course you are never mind! good luck with all of that and i'll try not to stay up too late waiting!!! <3 xoxoxo <3 meow meow <3

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