Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning ★★★★★

Not so much A New Beginning as a Detour Into Downer Heartland Reaganomic Dispossession. The kids are not alright. The summer camp sours and crumbles into an open-air asylum filled with dead livestock, edged weapons and sociopathic overspill. Cocaine and Bianca dusting a Slaughterhouse. Pinehurst Youth Development Center might be the worst-run 1980's residential treatment facility for troubled teens ever committed to film? but Violet's industrial goth look is one that I am SO ABOUT in 2017. 3/4 length communist chic skirts, full-length black drawstring hippie twirl skirts with silver bangly ornament, 24-7 walkman abuse and reverse-ombre new-wave hair. I am so there. Hail To Thee Violet! You are a walking and (barely) talking fashionboard for my journey into the future darkly backwards! Hail! Also how rad is Demon's Get High Blacklight Interior Van Full Up Of Unrefrigerated Munchies? Triune transport and dwelling and larder! I love it so! I also love Pam and Reggie's mutual care and aid for each other, which is cooperative and nonhierarchical. They are the true heroes of this movie (along with Violet!!!)!!! <3 nathaxnne

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