Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★½

YO the problem with Godzilla is just that he is TOO ALPHA Y'ALL!!! awash in axe body spray, jalapeno poppers and hooker perfume, Godzilla stumbles from his Dad Cave, Oakleys and Bianca en lock, his Cop Badge askew, ready to reaffirm his place in the Natural Order, an Ancient Hierarchy undone only by the arrival of from Outside an (Illegal) Alien because only something Badass From Beyond The Stars can pose a Dominance Threat To Brozilla whose Foxy Ex Still Pines For Him Even Though He is Too Much Monster To Actually Tie Down But Can't Tell Him As She Holds Silent Vigil Outside Hospital Door After Near-Fatal Macho Injury. Everyone and Everything in this movie, by its own admission, either wants to fight and/or have intimate relations with Godzilla because who wouldn't? this movie smells like unwashed cargo pants and sockless dockers, a smell that bathes everything in a Cool Electric Blue of Shave Gels and Activewear Trim, an Alpha Glow that keeps us awake in anxiety and longing. all of us only possess contingent relationship to the only real which is the locus of power from which all else flows. power is male. power is cishet. power is badass. power is swagger, a distressed fake pleather dad jacket replicated from dad jackets of the past, whose fakeness and hollowness only amplifies its status as an object of near-arbitrary capital allocation. it exists because it can.

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