Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch ★★★★★

McDonald's Happy Meal Version of 'The Wicker Man': Mass-produced, induced-demand, consumer-driven, standardized, repeatable, profitable. The 1980's Reagan/Thatcher Era transformed Seasonal Ritualized Mass Sacrifice into a slick corporate entity delivering The Good Times And Good News to All The Children Everywhere! Benevolent weather patterns and bountiful crop yield became positive quarterly projections, reaped bonus dividends, and investor satiation. Ultimately, does it matter which gods we are being sacrificed to without ever knowing their names? Those names change. The appetites of which the names are but a key to the mouth of the throne only grow. That said, Burger King or the aforementioned really missed out on a tie-in with the Silver Shamrock Co. in Autumn 1982!!!

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