Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★½

have u ever been at a party where everyone is doing cocaine and u don't but since everyone is doing it u r like fine! alright! just so u can talk to these people who are talking A LOT and REALLY FAST about whatever errands they were up to today or their future projects that in the moment sound ridiculously impractical and poorly thought out albeit embarked upon with the enormous confidence that if you throw enough money at something it can't go CATASTROPHICALLY wrong, right? and even if it does it can be made to go away or cleaned up quietly but u still don't do the cocaine instead opting to snort ecstasy for the second time in two days completely destroying your serotonin levels and hpa axis operation because u r really dumb and should be like petting manatees or your homework and not here in the afternoon at the dumbest soiree how do i get out of here? i really must be going! still u sit there. the hours pass. who is the loser now? at least they seem to be trying to have fun wtf r u doing with ur life???

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