The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★★★★

So, hey! That is a LARGE iceberg! i mean, if that IS ice? idk it is kind of pinkish and purply and glowy and it stinks something fierce something that changes on the winds, first like faraway fires and then like a smushy rotting something that used to scurry or, wait, is still kinda scurrying or.. no, scratch that, it, it it is scratching me or trying it is trying to scratch me. hey. look at that. it did. it did scratch me. that isn't good i guess. the horizon is eaten up by this thing it is so big and what looked like something crystalline from midrange looks like flaking hot pink aluminum siding if aluminum siding was made out of soggy naugahyde that was someone's something-or-other or maybe PART of someone's something-or-other before what? before it was this whatever it is now, exchanging molecules at a furious rate with what used to be navigable water and we, we are going to hit that yep i am pretty sure now. wow that is crazy. crazy i tell you. no way. no way. no way is that going to happen i mean it is huge and it smells bad. no way no way no way. ok. ok. ok i guess we are going to hit it. at ramming speed. why? why at ramming speed? did we speed up? INTO the not-iceberg? freezer-burn-berg? that stuff on it that isn't alive but WAS it? it that it? i mean, is that the stuff? is all of it like that? all the way through? what is it doing? why is it moving like that? is it going to ok yeah ok well wow that is that is that is too much i mean wow ok ok ok signing off now? yes, yes, yes, we are signing off

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