Upgrade ★★★

sleek & humid update of early 90's noir-heart cyberjunk where some dude is a cyborg because sunglasses or a wire going here to there or a tattoo and can do kickboxing and some other dude has to wear clunky headgear or mech-claw because the future and because epistemic crisis noir and cyberpunk in the first place noir rooted in ag-driven environmental economic collapse & world war cyberpunk in transitorized global capital flow & feudal corporocratic infighting allows glaze of loss and melancholy a world and a self which could have and possibly did inhabit that which no longer is and now could never be, replaced by a version which through the advent of digital editing no longer requires some dude who knows kickboxing and also since most of all of what we are is kaleidoscopes of overlapping avatars mediated online through code we are as far from cyberpunk as it was from noir and two decades on from Wachowski Sisters Kung-Fu DLC

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