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  • The Mack

    The Mack


    I keep forgetting how weird and random this movie is. (How does no one talk about the planetarium scene?)

    However, like the best Blaxploitation movies, it reminds you that white cops ain’t shit.

  • American Pimp

    American Pimp


    I forgot how freakin’ hilarious this is. Really, how did any of these silly negroes convince one girl — let alone a bunch — to go out and trick for ‘em?

    I guess explaining the game to a square is like “explaining astrophysics to a wino.”

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  • mother!



    Dear Rachel,

    Sorry for being such an asshole. Hope you and James Bond have a great life together.


  • Beyond the Lights

    Beyond the Lights


    It's Lifetime-movie quality, but I'll be damned if those two leads didn't make me happy the whole time they were together onscreen.