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  • Batman



    Just not very good. The story, and especially screenplay, are so undercooked it’s laughable at times. For me, Burton would have had a far better career as an art director.

  • Amadeus



    Beautifully shot. Baggy in places. F Murray Abraham was untouchable.

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  • Us



    The best performance? Basil Exposition 9/10ths of the way through. You know you’re fucked when the compromised big bad has to poorly explain the entirety of what you’ve just watched. 
    It’s utterly nonsensical. A film truly lost in the edit and probably ill-conceived on the shoot. Throwing everything at the dartboard never works. Not a sliver of this stands up to a modicum of scrutiny.

    So bad it makes you question the goodwill generated by his previous film.

    Holy plots Batman!

  • A Horrible Way to Die

    A Horrible Way to Die


    Yep. $75K can go a long way with great writing.