Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

Seeing this a second time with my eight year old really made me see just how ballsy this film is. I noticed the first time how the film takes it's time, especially in the first act, but boy, my son just wasn't having it. He turned to me about an hour into the film and said, "If this is just 3 hours of people feeling sorry for themselves and other people, I'm going to tear this theatre down!".

This film took some real chances, especially for a beloved, big budget blockbuster. And it's earned the confidence to take those chances. I doubt anyone would have guessed what happens even before the opening credits.

This is a comic lovers dream, where the film treats these outlandish characters realistically with lots of love and humanity. Comic after comic is filled with soap opera stories of these characters interacting and dealing with loss and tragedy, not just duking it out. But they always do eventually get to that.

The MCU is magnificent, not only truly bringing comic book storytelling into the film world, but doing it thoughtfully, emotionally and sometimes even improving on the source material.

Marvel will always be remembered as a game changer in blockbuster films. For the better!

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